KingSound’s patent related services covers an extensive range of technical areas ranging from electronics, telecommunications, computer hardware and software to biology, chemistry, pharmacy, material science and many others; our staff is well versed in providing comprehensive and creative patenting solutions through invention, utility models and design patents.

Our Domestic Patent Services

Our domestic patent services include individualized IP strategy consulting, patent exploration, patent search and analysis, various stages of prosecution, ranging from drafting, application, office action and reexamination to invalidation and administrative litigation, and also for post-grant stage we provide services such as infringement search and analysis, infringement litigation and many more.

Our International Patent Services

Our international patent services include PCT application, in-house translation services for a number of different languages, overseas application revision, filing, commentary, application reexamination, patent invalidation, infringement research and analysis, enforcement, infringement litigation and many more.

Our capable patent team consists of attorneys with distinct professional training in an expansive range of technical areas and strong education background from a slew of prestigious educational institutions; those with advanced degrees make up over half of our patent team.   With our extensive experience and high level of professional aptitude, we proudly continue to provide our professional and efficient services to our clients both domestically and abroad.